Small Business Shoutout: Meaningful Moments Portraits

Posted: January 31, 2021
Small Business Shoutout: Meaningful Moments Portraits
$69 - $529
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Meaningful Moments is a collective of independent artists using standout and offbeat ideas and techniques to create one of a kind pieces for indoor and outdoor display. For today's Small Business Shoutout, I'm highlighting the Meaningful Moments Portraits collection, consisting largely of designers who use elements of nature to transform your handsome mug, or that of someone you love, into a unique piece of art.

There are DiVine Personalized Vine Portraits. Face The Forest Personalized Nature Portraits (lookin' good, McAdams!) Personal Island and Pebble Portraits. And, courtesy of Karol Wickert, Personalized Pot Portraits that transform your submitted photograph into "cannabis-infused work of art!" Digital cannabis, I'm afraid, not the 3D scratch 'n' sniff 'n' smoke kind.

Wickert's pot-themed optical illusions, along with most Meaningful Moments personalized nature portraits, are available in a variety of sizes, and either as ready-to-hang prints or digital downloads. Those who opt for the prints will receive their portrait in a specially made Meaningful Moments frame that requires no holes or tools to mount.

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