Snoop on the Stoop Christmas Elf Doll

Posted: November 15, 2023
Snoop on a Stoop Christmas Elf Doll
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I 100% approve of the Snoop on the Stoop Christmas Elf Doll. What I'd be even more enthusiastic about, though, is if there were also a Martha on the Heartha...Hanukkah, since Ms. Stewart is Jewish...Elf Doll to go with it. I know, I know, it's not exactly tradition to combine the Elf on the Shelf Christian tradition with Judaism, but it's not exactly tradition for an iconic rapper to become BFFs with a prim & proper home & hospitality maven 30 years his senior either. So screw tradition! Let's break down the holiday walls, and celebrate both our diversity, and the things we have in common.

Snoop on the Stoop and Martha on the Heartha would represent two different cultures and religions coming together because they both love getting presents, just as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart represent two people of completely different backgrounds becoming friends because they both love money and fame!

This Snoop on the Stoop Christmas Elf Doll is the officially licensed 2023 model. It comes with shades, some golden-hued neck bling, and a sweatshirt with Big Snoop printed on it for Lil' Elf Snoop to wear when those winter nights turn oh so cold. Note: I've heard some gin & juice will help warm him up too.

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