Suede Wallpaper

Posted: March 02, 2022
Suede Wallpaper
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Articture's Suede Wallpaper isn't just wallpaper made of suede, it's wallpaper made of suede, and then decked out in some of the sickest, trippiest, and - be still, my heart! - most beautiful designs I've seen hanging on a wall since my wife got me a Meaningful Moments portrait of myself.

If you want to drape your walls in suede, you're going to pay about the same in cash as George Costanza would pay in social acceptability for draping himself in velvet. That is, dearly. However, the bold and detailed nature of most of Articture's Suede Wallpaper offerings suggests you probably don't need to use it on all the walls in a room, or even on the entirety of a single wall. Similar to Stikwood, Suede Wallpaper is an accent wall covering that requires just a little to go a long way.

Install it just on the wall behind your bed so you don't have to hang a piece of art that might fall and decapitate you while you're sleeping. Or install it as a mock headboard to create visual interest if you don't have or want a full bed set. Suede Wallpaper will also add visual interest and richness to a wall in the living room behind the TV, or perhaps the dining room ceiling.

Articture sells their 15 or so Suede Wallpaper designs in rolls that will each cover about 50 to 56 square feet of wall space.

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