The Mandalorian: The Child Echo Dot Stand

Posted: August 03, 2020
The Mandalorian: The Child Echo Dot Stand
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Please tell me The Mandalorian: The Child Echo Dot Stand also comes with a feature that allows you to change Alexa's wake word to "Baby Yoda."

Baby Yoda, what's the temperature?

Baby Yoda, play Japanese jazz on Spotify in the living room.

Baby Yoda, how old is [insert celebrity name, such as Idris Elba, George Clooney, Paul Rudd, Dr. Dre, or adult Yoda]?

Baby Yoda, let's play Jeopardy.

Being able to talk to Baby Yoda would add a whole new dimension to my day, the highlights of which are pretty much summed up in the 4 Alexa commands above. But that does beg the question: if we were able to call out to Baby Yoda, what would Baby Yoda's responses sound like?

Since we don't know yet, and since I doubt The Mandalorian is down for making the big reveal on Amazon's voice assistant, sadly, The Child Echo Dot Stand will have no special features or attributes other than a precision-fit, non-slip base, and a set of big ol' heart-melting ears.

The Mandalorian: The Child Echo Dot Stand was made exclusively for the 3rd gen. of Amazon's Dot, and won't fit early editions.

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