The Root Christmas Tree Stand

Posted: November 02, 2022
The Root Christmas Tree Stand
$299 - $899
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The Root is the Christmas tree stand to end all Christmas tree stands! ... Aaand pretty much the only decorative or visually interesting Christmas tree stand I've ever seen at all. The gold and silver Roots are pretty swanky too - they've certainly been listening to what everyone wishes for. The white one shows up strong for the dudes and ladies who prefer the snow-white over the evergreen Christmas tree look. The black one though...I don't know about the black one. It looks like Ursula the Sea Witch, or the next deadly virus crawling towards us as we open presents. Doesn't really put me into the holiday spirit.

In addition to 3 festive and 1 mood-killing colors, The Root Christmas tree stands also come in 2 sizes. The standard suits trees up to 10' tall, while an X-Large will accommodate your Clark Griswold-style 16-footers. Neither, I'm afraid will hold the Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree, and since even the smaller Root weighs around 22 pounds, I wouldn't attempt completing the inverted look with it as your topper.

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