Vent Dragons

Posted: May 02, 2020
Vent Dragons
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It's that time of year again. Gotta watch out for the ol' vent dragons building nests in your air ducts. Pushing through the grilles when they get jumpy, or smell bacon cooking. Tempting your children, possibly your wives too, into adopting them as pets. Don't succumb, dudes! The vent dragons are intruders, not pets! They're invading your home, not protecting it! They're the reason the whole house smells like raw meat in a musty cave every time the heat or AC kicks on!

Vent Dragons come from the mind and hands of fantasy artist David Lee Pancake. (Yep, his name makes me hungry too.) They are not, I repeat not intended to fit over your actual air duct vents, unless you want to tempt the dragons to breathe actual fire. Vent Dragons are 12" x 7" 3D pieces of what look to be metal and resin artwork you can mount anywhere else on your wall. They come with a remote control to power the LED lights Pancake has installed in the dragons' eyes. The lighted eye have 8 settings, from fast blinking to continuous, predatory glow.

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