Black Retro Nixie Clock

Posted: December 01, 2015
Black Retro Nixie Clock

Thirty-year-old nixie tubes and 22 hours of handiwork go into these retro clocks from Nuvitron. The artisans who make them place authentic, Cold-War-era nixie tubes hauled back from a dusty basement in the former Soviet Union inside a solid wood enclosure, and top it with 6 layers of black polyurethane finish. The result: a postmodern aesthetic with the lights on, and the glowing embers of cathodes and noble gas when the lights go off.

Nuvitron uses only brand new old nixie tubes in their clocks, so production runs are limited to the number of abandoned and unopened boxes of Soviet military supplies they can find during their recovery missions to Eastern Europe. Or something like that. Each nixie tube in the Postmodern Clock shown here contains 10 electrodes, one for each digit, made from molybdenum, and enclosed in a glass tube filled with a mixture of low-pressure neon and argon gas.

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