Clapping Monkey with Cymbals Tape Dispenser

Posted: December 27, 2021
Clapping Monkey with Cymbals Tape Dispenser
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Are you clapping monkey with cymbals happy about your Christmas presents this year? Or did you actually receive a Clapping Monkey with Cymbals...on a tape dispenser as a Christmas present this year?

If you're in the latter camp, then you already know how great - and helpful! - it is to have this little simian percussionist on your desktop. Banging away on his cymbals as you pull out some tape to bang away on your craft project or, like, the reassembly of an insurance check you tore up thinking it was another piece of junk mail with personal information on it.

The Clapping Monkey with Cymbals Tape Dispenser accepts standard Scotch and 3M rolls of tape. It has a non-slip weighted banana base that facilitates one-handed dispensing. So you can use the other to tap the table to the beat of the clapping monkey.

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