Cork Globe

Posted: April 16, 2014
Cork Globe
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I think someone should make a globe out of bubble wrap so that every time I visit a different country I can gratifyingly pop it off the world. Get to work on that, someone, will you? And in the interim, I guess this cork globe will suffice. Actually, if it weren't for the lack of sound effects, impaling vacation destinations with thumbtacks would be just as rewarding as snapping them.

The cork globe's world map is printed in simple black with distinct lines delineating countries. No words though, so better make sure you know what shape you just spent 10 days getting a 2nd degree sunburn and an intestinal parasite in too.

Globetrotters' spherical cork-and-pin means of showing off their worldliness measure 10" in diameter and just under 12" tall when mounted on their stainless steel base. Pins are also included with cork globe purchases.

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