Drumstick Pencils

Posted: October 17, 2013
Drumstick Pencils
  • Drumstick Pencils
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While pencil tapping is irritating and often makes people want to break the offender's writing utensil and chuck it across the room, pencil drumming is a crowd pleaser, and should make them want to gather 'round and throw their panties at the musician's feet in adoration. I mean unless they suck like my friend Cornelius and Lars Ulrich. Then it's kind of a crapshoot as to whether their pencils get busted and inserted into exposed bodily orifices, or they make millions of dollars and become a household name.

Drumstick pencils are perfectly scaled-down replicas of real rhythm beaters, and perfect 1:1 replicas of real pencils, so users can instantly and flawlessly transition from creating a riff to writing it down. Just don't F up because the pencils' erasers appear to have been sacrificed in the hybridization process.

Since drumstick pencils are made by Suck UK and not Apple, they are sold in pairs and do not have to be purchased individually.

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