Godzilla Humidifier

Posted: September 12, 2017
Godzilla Humidifier
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Godzilla and his hot, humidifying breath are coming for you! You and your flu season and your flaky skin and your dried-out sinus passageways! Arid climates can run and winter chills can hide, but none shall escape the Godzilla Humidifier!

Except, as of now, all of us living outside of Japan. The Godzilla Store is set to release their terrifying(ly adorable) Godzilla Humidifier in November 2017, but at printing it didn't seem to be part of an international release. We'll see what happens, though. The humidifier features the same sounds and music used in the Godzilla Bank, and that fun & sneaky Godzilla toy made it out west.

The Godzilla Humidifier also has a LED light shining out of its throat / water-breathing hole that adds a mythical blue hue to its mist. Hopefully that effect does not alter its singular function of moistening the air - wouldn't want Godzilla the Humidifier to go all Viserion the Blue-Lightning-Spewing Dragon on anyone.

September 25, 2017 Update: Japan Trend Shop will be stocking and selling the Godzilla Humidifier to US audiences beginning November 22, 2017.

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