Inspired Designs Ferrofluid Sculptures

Posted: October 05, 2016
$25 - $150
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Ferrofluid represents the glorious union of science and beauty. Of visual art and tactile interaction. Of workplace boredom and sweet desktop toys. Inspired Designs head inspirer, Kyle Haines, creates his ferrofluid displays out of the belief that ferrofluid is to the 2010s what lava lamps were to the 1960s--an artistic representation of the culture and mood of our time.

He built The Illumination, the largest and most colorful of Inspired Designs' ferrofluid displays, as a sort of next-gen lava lamp. The 450 mL cylinder has an illuminated metal base. It contains 15 mL of blue, gold, platinum, red, or purple ferrofluid you can either use a magnetic wand to manipulate into spiky urchins yourself, or allow to loll around as rising and falling blobs at their own free will (i.e., in response to a permanent neodymium magnet installed in the sculpture's base.)

The Illumination includes 1 magnet wand assembled from 5 small neodymium magnets that alternate in magnetic polarity, plus a single 1-1/2" diameter neodymium magnet that's removable. Check out a GIF of The Illumination ferrofluid in action here.

Inspired Designs' Illumination seeks funding here on Kickstarter through November 2, 2016.

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