ITO Thread of Fate Japanese Compass

Posted: June 09, 2020
ITO Thread of Fate Japanese Compass

Yeah, I wondered the same thing. When you're done using this handsome ITO Japanese Compass to draw some perfect circles, can you use it to perfect your walk the dog and sleeper yo-yo tricks? Let's see...string...pencil...locking mechanism...ah, nope. The ITO Compass' thread extension locks in place when extended, and then retracts only when you manually release the mechanism.

Oh well. I'm more of a yo-yo than a geometry guy, but even if I never once used the ITO, it's a piece of art I'd happily include on my desktop display. Designed by Alfred Jerry and Lakshyta Gupta, the compass takes its name from the Japanese word for "thread," and was inspired by the mythology of the Red Thread of Fate.

Though believed to be Chinese in origin, Japanese culture also has a version of the red thread's story; it revolves - like an immaculately drawn circle! - around the idea that those destined to meet as true loves are connected by an invisible red cord tied to their fingers. How romantic! But what the ITO does romance have to do with a mathematical compass?

Well, it's a loose thread of a connection, but traditionally circle drawers used a pin and chalk connected by a string to get the job done. The ITO just sort of mashes the old myth and the old method together to make the compass' description sound as cool as its design and function look. Hmmm.

OK, I'll allow it.

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