Kururin Japanese Desktop Toy

Posted: February 09, 2017
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Tops, fidget spinners, and now the Japanese Kururin. Why is hand-eye coordination storming pop culture so hard right now? I have many gifts and endowments--huge ones!--but, as evidenced by my attempts to school my girlfriend at ping pong during Super Bowl timeouts, HEC might not be near the top of the list. I do like the Kururin though; it looks and behaves much differently than all the other desktop toys I've seen lately.

Kururin design is kind of like a short rolling pin, or whiskey barrel that went to fat camp, oblong in shape, bulging slightly out to center, and with flat ends. The ends are covered in some sort of rubberized material to give the toy traction when you flip and stop it. Flipping and stopping, those will be your primary plays when fiddling with Kururin. Stand it up tall, and then try to knock it sideways into a complete 180, stopping it with just a finger or two after the flip. Or 2 or 3 flips. Flips in quick succession back and forth. Flips that draw the outline of a box. Your creativity and skills are the only limits to how you Kururin. Check out the video for visuals far superior to my words.

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