Pyropet Cat Candle

Posted: July 17, 2014
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As if cats, and particularly cats that have been lit on fire, aren't scary enough. Now Thorunn Arnadottir had to go and make one that also slowly melts down to a sinister skeleton as the flames eat away its flesh. I don't care that the flesh is wax and the cat a candle. Pyropets still look like Guillermo del Toro's next F'd up feature film.

Pyropet cats, or Kisas ("cat" in Arnadottir's native Icelandic), begin as geometric felines with protruding wicks. However, wherein most cats beg for tuna fish, Pyropets beg for a lit match. Once appeased, their ambient illumination settles in and then...then! Their demonic underbelly begins to emerge. OK, technically it's their demonic skull that shows up first. An aluminum skeleton embedded inside the sculpted wax gradually reveals itself as the exo-cat parts burn away.

Each Kisa Pyropet melts slightly differently due to, like, wick positioning and the Chaos theory, but after about 20 hours all end up the same sinister set of metal bones. Cats are available in colors pink or gray and stand about 6.7" tall x 3" wide.

The Pyropet Cat Candle is a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover and Gift for Halloween pick.

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