Termitat Termite Desktop Display

Posted: August 03, 2017
Termitat Termite Desktop Display
$125 - $150
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If I got a Termitat and displayed it on my desktop I guarantee you the first thing that would happen is my cat Zanzibar would figure out a way to knock it over and bust it open and let a bunch of Dampwood Termites loose in my tree-part-filled condo building. Guess She-Ra: Princess of Power would find out pretty quick though if the Homeowner's Association has been lying to us about the "minimal" wood rot in our walls.

OK, that might be a bit of a stretch. The termite enthusiasts who created the Termitat home exhibit swear its 1/4"-thick acrylic case with injection molded components is "designed to be secure and escape-proof."

You never even have to open it. Ever. The 20-strong colony of Dampwood Termites included with Termitat purchases is almost entirely self-sufficient, thanks to the 3-year supply of food they come with: a fat hunk of Douglas Fir wood.

All you need to do is trickle a few drops of water into the Termitat every week, and then sit back and enjoy the wonders of an insect community living in perfect harmony. Building, grooming, feeding, and communicating with one another war- and argument-free. No one stealing, no one gunning down, no one screaming, "Fake news!" or freaking out about health care.

A Termitat could provide your Zen Moment for the day. Or maybe the year. Or maybe all years to come.

Once a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Termitat is now in full production for all the classrooms and bug enthusiasts out there. Add one to your back-to-school shopping list, or wrap one up for your favorite (or perhaps least favorite) pet lover as a gift. You can get a termite desktop display in a Tripod or a Tower model, with optional add-ons, such as an acrylic light-gathering magnifier and a USB 200X microscope. Termitat inhabitants measure up to 3/4" long.

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