The Dude Abiding Kit

Posted: August 16, 2018
The Dude Abiding Kit
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Dudes who want to show off the Dude Abiding on their desktop must abide themselves by assembling the Dude Abiding garage kit.

Logan of Dappled Light Studio will ship The Dude to you in 10 or so pieces - wonder if he'd consider that more or less not cool than peeing on his rug - which you'll need to affix to form the ultimate Dude Abiding. And by ultimate I mean The Dude sitting in lotus pose, on his rug, with 4 Hindu-god-style arms. Two holding his bowling ball Jesus is going to F him in the A with, one holding a tasty White Russian, and the last finger-thumbing a fat joint.

The included custom printed Persian rug arrives with no visible pee stains. But I'm sure with a couple dots of yellow food coloring you could authenticate it in no time.

The Dude Abiding Kit is a 1:6 scale urethane resin model that, in addition to assembly, will require some minor seam line cleanup prior to finishing and adding to your Lebowski shrine.

Lebowski fans who might prefer a more functional tribute to the film can also check out The Dude's Rug Cutting Board.

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