Trigger Multi-Caliber Mini Cannon

Posted: September 01, 2021
$44.95 - $49.95
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Trigger Cannons are real treats for all you tiny warfare fanatics out there. Tiny warfare fanatics - is that a legit subculture? It's gotta be, right? If we have the furry fandom and competitive endurance ticklers, surely there is a segment of the population that gets its rocks off on miniature weapons like the Berloque Pistol and these multi-caliber Trigger Cannons.

Trigger Cannons aren't so much notable for their pint size - there are plenty of desktop cannons out there - as they are their pint size combined with their option to swap between 3 different caliber barrels. And those two things combined with that fact that a Trigger Cannon fixin' to have it's trigger pulled is a dangerous Trigger Cannon. Whether you're using the standard .22 barrel, or subbing in the .17 or .31 cal barrel, a Trigger Cannon's fire will make a big ol' BOOM!, and can do some real damage. Enough that their makers scream, "THESE ARE NOT TOYS!" on their website, and won't sell a mini cannon to anyone under 18.

Those who meet the age requirements and promise to do no evil with their multi-caliber artillery can buy a Trigger Cannon sitting on a black, grey, blue or red base. They require no cannon fuse to fire, just a pack of 209 shotgun primers widely available at a sport goods store, or anywhere that sells ammo.

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