Arcade & PC Coffee Tables

Posted: July 25, 2013
Arcade & PC Coffee Tables
$3,065 - $6,131
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Previously we witnessed the introduction of fine craftsman furniture to the old school Nintendo controller. Now we see tastefully worked walnut and oak incorporated into full-on coffee table arcades and PCs. Surface Tension produces 3 different echelons of handmade gaming and computing systems that double as utilitarian living room decor.

The walnut-veneered Dual Arcade Table's innards function as a gaming station only, with a 6mm toughened glass top, 60-in-1 arcade board and configurable games and interface. For PC functionality, upgrade to the Double7 Arcade table, which includes all features of the Dual, plus an Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU, 1TB hard disk, wireless network adaptor, 4GB of RAM, a DVD/CD-RW drive, Windows 7, and the option to upgrade to a computer of the buyer's own specifications. Deluxe Arcane models improve upon Double7s with larger glass/screen surfaces and the ability to integrate Sonos CONNECT for multi-room audio.

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