Backstabber Occasional Chair

Posted: January 30, 2018
Backstabber Occasional Chair
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Backstabbers of the world, Haunt fantasy furniture made a Valentine's Day gift just for you! To those would would like to give a Backstabber Chair to their most deserving ex (lover, friend, family member - take your pick) I agree that the cost might outweigh the benefit of delivering him or her a scooped seat lined with spikes and loathing. And Haunt's designs are intended more as pieces of gothic art than implements of revenge anyway.

But as they say, it's the thought that counts, so maybe just seeing the Backstabber Chair and imagining your worst enemy confined to it for eternity will bring you some peace today. Or you could email them the link. Subject: Saw This and Thought of You!

The Backstabber Chair is made of black metal covered in cross-stitched fabric and 2 different styles of pointy spikes. In addition to actual backstabbers, the seat's shape and flourishes make it a perfect statement piece for evil villains and, according to Haunt, "the wild at heart."

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