Bliss Sofa & Emergency Life Raft

Posted: May 21, 2023
Bliss Sofa & Emergency Life Raft
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Would you pay $100,000 for a couch and footrest? How about for your life? The Bliss Sofa & Ottoman Set is a unique exploration of luxury living. "Luxury" because it's an haute design piece of furniture available in limited quantity to people with unlimited cashflow. And "living" because Bliss doubles as a SOLAS-certified life raft, complete with a paddle attachment, rocket flare, and SOS strobe light, to keep you afloat and alive in the event of a flood, hurricane, or other water-based emergency.

The Bliss Sofa & Ottoman Set is made by Mother, who in this case happens to be a group of the world's top survivalist architects, not the woman who birthed you, or Mike Pence's wife. Materials include reclaimed 100-year-old pine, marine-grade foam, and water-resistant Sunbrella fabric.

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