Boa Sofa

Posted: February 17, 2017
Boa Sofa
$38,855 - $62,164
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And you thought you'd never find the perfect gift for Medusa and Voldemort. The Boa Sofa was designed by brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and I just wonder what this snaky, sultry joint venture says about their fraternal exploits. I also wonder how much in change and Doritos I could find digging through the Boa's tubular body after it's spent a few months welcoming admirers into its lair.

The Boa Sofa is built frame-free, with structure provided by the intense knotting it takes 4 people "with extreme manual expertise" to weave. The entwined nest of tubes is made of velvet stuffed with polyurethane chips and goose down. It comes in small and large sizes, your choice of colors, and with fire retardant filling for an upcharge.

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