Boxing Glove Sectional Sofa

Posted: February 19, 2022
Boxing Glove Sectional Sofa
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This Boxing Glove Sectional Sofa is a sight to behold. A real trophy piece for a fight lover. It also looks about as comfortable as a left jab to the face from Ali.

Created by Swiss design house De Sede, the zany Boxing Glove Sectional is actually a vintage piece, made in 1978, and sold used but in "excellent" condition. I guess being from the 70s makes a giant pair of two-tone boxing gloves pushed together and called a couch seem somewhat less strange? Not that I could see it in the Brady Bunch living room - though it would probably fit all of them - and Jan and Alice would definitely be the two forced to sit on the laces. But maybe the Boxing Glove Sofa would be the perfect statement, and orgy, piece in Hugh Hefner's game room.

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