Buckel Up Belted Futon/Chair

Posted: August 31, 2013
Buckel Up Belted Futon/Chair

Guess what happens when the Buckel Up's belt comes off. Well, I'll tell you this much: it's somewhere between as awesome as gettin' it on and as awful as gettin' it thrashed across your backside. (Note: for the masochists who consider both of those scenarios awesome, forget about the Buckel Up and head over to the MMA Throwdown Bed).

By way of a premium leather belt and shiny silver buckle, the Buckel Up easily rolls and unrolls from a squishy chair for studying or vegging by day, to a twin mattress for crashing out at night. Available in about a dozen colors, the cotton-poly blend Danish design measures 85" x 44" x 6" for sleeping bodies, and 32" x 47" x 39" for those seated upright.

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Muchas danke to Drool'd.

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