Carbon Fiber Phantom Chair

Posted: December 03, 2020
Carbon Fiber Phantom Chair
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Not a ghost of chance I could afford ALVARAE's Phantom Chair, but if I ever become an evil villain, and acquire an evil villain's bank account, I'm all over the purchase of this phantastic carbon phiber design pheat.

The Phantom Chair is made of a single giant sheet of carbon fiber, molded into a shell that looks like it's draped over a fine chaise underneath. Like something my Aunt Jan bought at Ashley Furniture, but is so paranoid someone will scratch, soil, or spill on that she keeps it all covered up with a grungy old blanket, thereby defeating the purpose of buying a new chair to begin with.

Though the luxe, leathery sheen of the Phantom's carbon fiber "cover" is obviously way nicer than a grungy old blanket...and probably every piece of furniture in my Aunt Jan's house combined.

As impressive as its look is the Phantom Chair's structuring, and the true nature of its name. ALVARAE place the draping and folds of the carbon fiber just so to provide support without the need to fill in the hollow internal structure. The Phantom Chair weighs just 5kg, but can support up to 200kg.

If you're a top 1% looking for a holiday gift for a judge, a nun, or the grim reaper, the Phantom Chair is my pick.

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