Castle Murphy Bed

Posted: January 17, 2014
Castle Murphy Bed
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If I could ever afford to spend thousands of dollars on a custom-built castle whose drawbridge doubles as a Murphy bed, do you think I would buy it for my kid? Absolutely not. Partly because that fantastical fortress of slumber would be all mine, and partly because the only reason I would ever be able to afford a Murphy bed fashioned after a castle would be that I was smart enough not to pass along my genetic code to any miniature assailants of net worth in the first place.

Anyway, if you're a pretty rich single person, or I guess a really rich parent, and you want to turn your sleeping quarters into a scene from Game of Thrones, Tiny Town Studios will be happy to oblige. The castle Murphy bed pictured here was designed custom for a specific client, but its hand-carved stones, chain beam supports, and accent lighting can be replicated for new buyers. It can also be tweaked. Or completely redesigned. Or changed into a pirate ship.

Tiny Town Studios is open to all ideas and requests, not only for bedroom furniture, but playhouses and art installations as well. Most bed prices start at $2,000.

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