Chameleon Lounger

Posted: February 16, 2013
Chameleon Lounger
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Check out the Optimus Prime of seating designs. Though slightly less cool than the balls lounger, Francesca Donati's chameleon lounger still looks way more comfortable and relaxing than my hangover. Whoa, non sequitur. Why is it though that I can drink vodka sodas all night long and wake up feeling like an organically bred spring chicken just adopted by Gisele, but throw one German beer into the mix and it's straight to the battery cages to await slaughter? You think about that, and I'll tell you a little more about this transformable chair/bed/layered fun hybrid.

What we have here constitutes a transformable chair/bed/layered fun hybrid. Three layers and a spherical center piece to be precise. Wind, roll, and entwine them to the stretched ends of your imagination or to the call of a cricked back, clogged sinuses, or rippin' headache. Sections attach via zippers for rearrangement and securing. Five color choices are available through vendor Opulent Items, which is currently offering the yellow and black iteration at a discount because it's ugly.

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