Climbingbox Rock Climbing Bedroom Sets

Posted: August 19, 2018
Climbingbox Rock Climbing Bedroom Sets
$2,500 - $4,900
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Bishop Training's Climbingboxes, full bedroom sets with built-in bouldering walls, are impressive. Designed for budding climbers, they have a single bunk on top and a full mattress pad on the bottom, which also unfolds to serve as a protective mat over the entire floor. There's a removable desk for when it's time to work, and a set of 40 climbing holds you can arrange and rearrange for when it's time to play.

It's a lucky little monkey who's getting a Climbingbox in their room.

Bishop Training makes a few different styles of Climbingboxes, sized and angled for kids and teens of different ages and climbing abilities. All of the are made from birch plywood and redwood, and have between 500 and 700 T-nuts pre-installed in the wall panels.

Climbingbox models all have a 24" roof made for mounting additional hang-boards, pull up bars, rock rings, rock-balls, and other suspended grips.

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