Coral Reef Console Table

Posted: June 24, 2022
Coral Reef Console Table
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So this is where all the coral reefs have gone. Decorative console tables. Thanks, Design Toscano.

Heh, I can almost hear the company giving me a Tony Danza Hardee-har-har for that one.

The Coral Reef Console Table takes a snapshot of the famed undersea ecosystems and places it inside a 49" x 12.5" x 34" piece of furniture designed especially for beach houses, bathrooms, or anywhere inside the homes of those whose hearts are always at the ocean. The table's reef contains replicas of hundreds of coral species, cast in fiberglass-reinforced designer resin, and hand-finished in a faux-bleached coral white. The console table frame is made of wood, and has a faux ebony finish.

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