Gorilla Chair

Posted: September 14, 2022
Gorilla Chair
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A seat in the shape of an ape?! Sounds grape! I mean, great! The Gorilla Chair, while simple in name, and almost as simple in design, still manages to wow with its execution. Built with a pair of thick and low front legs and bowed and long back ones, and covered top to bottom in suede fringe, there is no doubt from which beast of the jungle the Gorilla Chair has taken inspiration when you look at it.

Still, it doesn't look so much like a silverback that placing one or more of the Marcantonio designs in your home would turn it into a complete animal house. It's not a Harambed after all. No, the Gorilla chair is a fairly subtle, whimsical nod to the great apes. Or, like, Donkey Kong. Of course, if you go for the Green, Teal, or Rust colored Gorilla Chair, that changes everything. That takes you from subtle and whimsical to It's on!

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