HIDDEnSIT Bar Stools

Posted: May 08, 2021
HIDDEnSIT Bar Stools

Hey, it's a sleight of...seat. HIDDEnSIT Bar Stools are an original and creative furniture / kitchen island solution from Minarc, a residential and commercial design firm out of Santa Monica. Founded by Erla Dogg Ingjaldsdottir and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, Minarc has won awards for building architecture, furniture, and decor that put "an emphasis on the blurring of distinction between interior and exterior spaces through the exploitation of natural light, creation of outdoor living rooms, and artistically framed views of nature."

Yeah, yeah, I guess every artist needs a deep and philosophical mission statement, but when it comes to the HIDDEnSIT Bar Stools, I don't think any academic assessment, or explanation whatsoever, is needed. These stools are just an immensely clever and swell-lookin' way to keep your kitchen tidy and save space.

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