Kosmos Heated Chair with Adjustable Temperature

Posted: December 18, 2023
Kosmos Heated Chair with Adjustable Temperature
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This is the Kosmos. It is a heated chair whose temperature is adjustable. How does it work? Why, you simply plug it in to a standard outlet. Yes, that's right, dudes and ladies, the Kosmos is your very own electric chair for the living room.

Perhaps your father-in-law would like to be the first to test it out.

The Kosmos Chair is an award-winning piece of furniture from design and fabrication studio Galanter & Jones. I'm not exactly sure which awards it has won, but I am guessing they're from the likes of Red Dot and A' Design, not the American Correctional Association. Despite its deathly allusions, the Kosmos objective is to wrap its sitters in lovely warmth. A two-part insulated mold system holds the inner surface at your desired temperature (between 80 and 100 degrees F) while the solid outer surface blocks wind and cooler air trying to infiltrate all that toasty back and butt heat.

The Kosmos Chair is suitable for outdoor use, with waterproof construction, and a small drain built into the seat to channel away dew buildup, rain, and melting snow.

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