LULA Nap Furniture

Posted: September 14, 2019
LULA Nap Furniture

What time is it? Doesn't really matter, I'm sure I could use a nap. LULA Nap Furniture is a concept design from Lithuanian artist Gaudute Zilyte. Using foam as her base, Zilyte's goal was to create natural-looking, yet thoughtfully-configured shapes to "create a piece of furniture that brings a sense of coziness and safety, embraces the human body, hugs it allowing it to doze off for a moment."

A moment or, like, from 3 p.m. to happy hour.

Fading dudes and ladies can take their reprieve on LULA Nap Furniture in a number of different sleeping positions, with the foam's various humps and contours designed to provide soft support, and adapt to varying shapes of the human body. A set of straps underneath the LULA foam also allow for adjustments of its loft and puckers to suit more specific snooze specifications.

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