Lyon Wavelike LED Bed Frame

Posted: September 09, 2022
Lyon Wavelike LED Bed Frame
$699 - $1,299
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The Lyon Wavelike LED Bed Frame, now there's a bed that has "bachelor pad," "one night stand," "possible threesome," and "don't forget to turn those 16-color LEDs off when your mama stops by" written all over it. That last one being particularly difficult when your mama "stopping by" means walking downstairs to the basement.

Ahhh, can't say I miss those days now that I'm shacked up with my bodacious wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, but they weren't all bad. Free rent, my favorite childhood meals, a lair all to myself - if I'd'a had a Lyon Wavelike LED Bed Frame I might never have left.

Maker ZTOZZ describes this contemporary, OnlyFans-ready bed frame as "a contemporary oasis of comfort and relaxation." And while you and I know its purpose extends far beyond that, in looking at the curvy, low-profile design, I can't say I disagree. Top one of the full, queen, king, or California king beds with your favorite mattress, and you're surely in for some sweet dreams.

Which you can subsequently live out when you're awake, within the Lyon's magical glow of colors, in your set choice of 16 hues, 4 lighting modes, and 6 brightness and intensity options.

The Lyon Wavelike LED Bed Frame is upholstered in either genuine leather, polyurethane faux leather, or boucle fabric, and comes in 6 different color combinations.

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