Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table

Posted: May 14, 2017
Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table
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The only thing this Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table is missing is my feet. As Han Solo and Chewie expertly maneuver their ship through an asteroid field to evade Vader and his fleet, I relax with a Bud Light Lime and some tasty wasabi salted nuts, alternating between 30 minutes of the Star Wars series and a new episode of Master of None. (To force myself not to blaze through all 10 episodes of Season 2 at the warp speed I did with Season 1.)

The exquisite coffee table's 20.5" Millennium Falcon narrowly slips through a pair of hand-painted urethane and fiberglass asteroid sculptures. It reminds me of Dev and Arnold's attempt to pilot a Fiat through the alleys of Tuscany in Episode 2 (I'm flipping from Star Wars back to Master of None.) I hope Chewie gives better directions than Dev. The table runs 54" long x 28" wide.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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