Moon Chaise Lounge

Posted: May 03, 2015
Moon Chaise Lounge
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Huh. The Moon chaise lounge kind of looks like another swell piece of furniture, the Liberator Wedge. But not enough that you couldn't set it out on display in your living room and use it as, like, an actual chair or chaise lounge. It costs a little more, but I'd say an extra $80 or so is a small price to pay for not having to hide your most favorite sexy time apparatus away in the back of your closet such that you throw your own back out trying to access it for sexy time.

Plus, seeing the stuck up pinched-face president of your mama's garden club, the one always makes snide remarks about your continued presence in her house, sink into the Moon chaise and go on about how it hits her in all the right spots is always good for a private snicker.

The Moon chaise lounge stores easily stacked and puzzle-pieced on top itself as a block, and then disassembles just as easily to form an array of convertible pieces of furniture. Two separate pieces fit together to form the Moon portion of the lounger, and the top piece slides and folds to create an easy chair with variable head supports. Multiple Moons can also combine to expand the seating/snoozing possibilities.

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