Mousarris Summit Sofa

Posted: October 27, 2021
Mousarris Summit Sofa
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No, neither Mousarris nor I are confused when we call this a Summit Sofa rather than a Summit Wall Hanging. Though I suppose it could better be described as a Summit Wall Hanging Sofa. Or a Summit Wall-Mounted Sofa. A Summit Sofa Hidden in a Wall Hanging. Check out the image gallery.

Pretty neat, 'eh? In his latest piece of nifty home decor / functional art, Stelios Mousarris fits modular cushions into a wall-mounted frame to produce a 3D piece of art depicting abstract mountains in various shades of blue. And he does this so that you can un-fit them from the frame, and pile them on the floor in any configuration your heart desires to create a sofa, chair, play area for your kids, or play area for yourself and a partner to explore sex positions you never thought possible.

Mousarris probably got the idea for the build-your-own-couch component of the Summit Sofa from popular kiddie fort products such as the Magnus Magnetic Play Couch. Converting it to a space-saving piece of artwork when not serving romper room or Netflix & Chill purposes, though, that's all the Cypriot designer's own creativity and genius.

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