Refrigerator Coffee Table

Posted: April 28, 2019
Refrigerator Coffee Table
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This refrigerator coffee table is probably a Sobro cooler coffee table knockoff, and it's not a whole lot cheaper, but if you prefer the color and design to what's available elsewhere, the features and functions will be about the same.

This mancave-ready piece of furniture has a white lacquered stainless steel base with a shiny black glass top. Its dual cooling drawers are independent, so you can keep one or both on at a time, and adjust temperatures from 1 to 12 degrees C (33 to 54 degrees F) individually. The front of the coffee table holds a pair of 20W HiFi Bluetooth speakers you can connect to your music devices or television. Two USB charging ports and an AUX interface are also built in to the side of the table.

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