Serenity Pod Bed

Posted: November 10, 2014
Serenity Pod Bed
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My friend Victor showed me this Serenity Pod. Actually he showed me the ones meant for dogs and cats, but I was like, Victor. Why would I spend one thousand dollars to give my pet a world of serenity and slumber when I can spend ten thousand dollars to give those things to someone way more important: myself?

Serenity Pods combine a womb-like elliptical design with calming color-changing lights, a built-in sound system, and...wait for it...soothing vibration. Yep, it's an enclosed vibrating bed with mood lighting that, at the press of a button, will envelop you-plus-two in Depeche Mode or Chris Isaak or whoever the hell does it for girls these days.

Pods are made of a single piece of formed fiberglass whose curves block 90% of noise from the outside but amplify output from its Bluetooth wireless sound system on the inside. The stereo's bass has been calibrated to deliver the aforementioned vibratory actions to rock you to sleep or, like, assist in whatever other ways you might find vibratory actions useful. The bed's LEDs change color on command from a smartphone or tablet app, with choices of single color schemes or pre-designed Serenity scenes.

A 76" diameter memory foam mattress with cotton topper await beyond the Serenity Pod's opening. Round, organic bedding including sheets, duvets, and protectors are also included. Total Pod dimensions: 34" tall x 78" in diameter.

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