Shiatsu Massage Butterfly Chair

Posted: April 08, 2019
Shiatsu Massage Butterfly Chair
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I think Sharper Image's Shiatsu Massage Butterfly Chair is for all the college kids in dorms and tiny apartments. No money or space for proper furniture, no Mama around to give you nightly back rubs.

The foldable butterfly chair frame has a microfiber cover with built-in shiatsu nodes that churn and knead in 2 directions over the course of 15-minute sessions. They probably won't do as good of a job as a professional, or a member of the girls' tennis team, but at least like your mama, the massage chair will not charge you for its services.

Butterfly chair dimensions are 26" x 26" x 33" open, and 8" x 6" x 42" folded. The shiatsu massage balls are removable, as is the included neck pillow.

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