The Duchess Gaming & Dining Table

Posted: June 12, 2016
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Playing board games and sharing a meal seem like two of the very few activities people of all ages still like to do that involve, real, face-to-face, technology-free human interaction*. And BoardGameTables.com is doing their part to see that they endure, particularly with their latest project, the Duchess, a transformable gaming / dining table that doesn't cost a fortune.

Well, relatively speaking. The fully-loaded Duchess is going to Kickstarter backers for $799. BoardGameTables.com says that's a fraction of what you'd pay for a similar high-quality convertible table able to comfortably seat 6 dinner guests who will never know "there is a half finished game of Pandemic just inches below their chicken parm."

For avid board, card, and role-playing gamers, the Duchess aims to deliver a superlative experience with:

  • A 3" wide rail around the edge. This gives players a place to rest their arms without blocking views of others' players boards, and prevents dice and other game pieces from rolling, bouncing, or dropping on the floor.
  • A padded play surface that facilitates picking up tiles and cards.
  • A quad of cupholders that slide out from underneath the table for storing drinks during play, and gaming pieces during dinner.
  • A wood tabletop that fits in between the rails, filling in the 2-1/4" depth, and creating a gap-free, 3-1/2' x 5-1/2' eating surface (play area is 3' x 5').

If you're interest in having a Duchess in your dining room, check out the table's Kickstarter page, and make your pledge through July 12, 2016.

*I mean, except that we all keep our phones on the table in case an important text or Snapchat notification comes in.

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