Your Inner Wolf Chair

Posted: February 19, 2012
Wolf Chair in Room
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Everyone has a wolf within. Even if it's a low-rung Beta that consists predominantly of envying the musculature of Alcide Herveaux and Tyler Lockwood, or succumbing to guilty pleasures, such as MTV's Teen Wolf, and Amazon's infamous moon-howling T-shirts. And for all the echelons of Beta, plus the true Alphas, and most of all, every member of Alan Garner's Wolfpack out there, there is no better symbol of self-reflection than Duffy London design house's Inner Wolf shadow chair. A piece in designer Chris Duffy's Brothers Grimm collection, the articulate, contemporary chair is made of powder-coated mild steel, with a projected lupine shadow that is--cleverly and appropriately--a faux fur carpet.

Inner wolves are pricey, but come on, a physical manifestation of stealth, grit, and confidence carries infinitely more value than a few C-notes. And a brazen, blazing piece of howling wolf furniture will earn its owners true street cred with the pack, while continuing to follow Taylor Lautner on Twitter will probably just incite a mauling during the next full moon. Chair measurements are 33.5" high x 33.5" wide x 65" deep (including shadow extension). Delivery times run approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

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