Zanotta Rider Rocking Lounge Chair

Posted: August 18, 2020
Zanotta Rocking Lounge Chair

With so much talk of people being off their rockers circulating right now, I thought it would be a nice counterbalance to show that just as many of us could be on our rockers. For example, The Rider rocking lounge chair from Italian industrial design firm Zanotta is one rocker I myself would very much like to be on.

The swaying chair is made to "[engage] the senses in a perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology: the scent of leather, the softness of the textiles and the comfort of the materials." Zanotta uses a stiff polyurethane frame covered in graduated polyurethane upholstery as the base of the Rider, and covers it in cowhide.

Rocking action is controlled with your foot, a push against the uncovered footrest.

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