Zero Day Bed

Posted: November 03, 2012
Zero Day Bed

"Simplicity is resolved complexity." So says architect, designer, sculptor, and creator of the Zero Day Bed, Jorge Goval. The indoor-outdoor lounger and sleeper subscribes to nature's tropism phenomenon--the adaptive movements plants make in response to their environmental conditions. Opening and closing to protect themselves from wind and cold, or to allow insects access for pollination, turning towards sunlight--reflexive responses to surroundings that optimize their survival and allow them to thrive. So too does the Zero Day Bed seek to enhance the human experience of relaxation and peace of mind via subtle movements, adjustable positions, and, well, a tricked out interior. It even looks like a great big chill pill.

A framed space intended to drape inhabitants in protection and intimacy, the Zero's 7.2-foot diameter bed surface has a reclining back and the capability to make 360� turns for securing the best orientation towards sunlight, sunset, or the Sunny D your Go-Go Gadget arms are this close from grabbing off the side table. Cocooning the bed is also a segmented glass or carbon fiber screen that unfurls to let the world in, or privatizes the space for sexy time at the press of a button. Inside the lair is a retroilluminated champagne (or artificially flavored juice drink) bucket that transforms the bed into a glowing nighttime sphere so brilliant lady fireflies will clamor to be near it, and male fireflies will plot to destroy it. The only thing it seems not to do is make itself OHEA-style in the morning.

Zero Day Beds are fabricated entirely of anodized aluminium, stainless steel, and glass or carbon fiber, and wrapped with Italian textiles. They will be available for purchase at an as-yet-undisclosed (but probably extraordinarily high) price in 2013. Check out the video below to see the Zero's carnival of parts in action.

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