15-Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator

Posted: September 13, 2016
15-Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator
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Not quite as good as tumbling your meat into diamonds, but way better than waiting 12 hours for it to marinate. The Chef's Elite 15-Minute Marinator uses a vacuum system and a (literal) drum roll to (literally) turn your beef, poultry, pork, chicken, and vegetables into residents of Flavor Country in a fraction of the time it takes your refrigerator, Ziploc bag, and patience.

Once meat and sauce are added to the drum, the Chef's Elite marinator fires up a vacuum, and begins turning and tumbling your ingredients. Th process creates air gaps in the meat that marinades can penetrate with ease, and permeate with flavor quickly. (For meat with denser muscle, such as chicken breasts, you'll need to use to the included tenderizer to perforate the fibers.)

The marinating system's motorized drum turns slowly during the process--some Amazon reviewers note that it's strange to see the meat "flop around" inside--and a digital control panel allows for setting appropriate marination times, with auto shut-off when they complete. The Chef's Elite system also comes with a dozen different marinating recipes, all of which call for marinating times of 30 minutes or less. Perfect for when you invite the guys over for football and hot wings, and give your girlfriend who will be making the wings only an hour's notice, but know she'll be fine with it because she's sooooo awesome, and way cooler, and way hotter than all your friends' girlfriends. Yes, definitely a better ass than Cornelius' girlfriend. Yes, and better hair than Maurice's.

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