AirHood Portable Kitchen Range Hood

Posted: May 09, 2022
$89 - $109
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The AirHood portable kitchen range hood could have saved my friend Trevor $2,500. When he moved into his house - a flip done by a team of 100% incompetent people with 0% pride in workmanship - his kitchen range did have an exhaust fan and hood installed over it, but its duct went up only about 2 feet, so all the smoke and grease and cooking odors it sucked up discharged...directly back into the kitchen. He had to pay $2,500 to extend the ductwork into the ceiling, and route it to discharge through the roof outside.

For those of you in a similar strange predicament, plus anyone who simply lives in a place with no range hood at all, the AirHood seems like a stellar solution to getting rid of cooking smells and particulates as, according to the vent fan's makers, they happen.

The AirHood comes in wired and wireless models, both portable, and both designed to dispense of smoke, odors, and those wee droplets of oil that like to take over your kitchen surfaces. Inside the mesh vent face you'll find a detachable grease filter for extracting and trapping the particles that rise with steam, and an activated charcoal filter that traps smoke and toxic fumes. The grease filter is washable via hand or dishwasher, and the charcoal filter lasts for months, with replacement filters included with the AirHood package.

Wired AirHood models offer unlimited power, wireless versions have a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 hours, and fully charges again in another 2. The latter is ideal for cooking in campers and RVs. For use with taller steam-emitting kitchen appliances, such as pressure or rice cookers, the AirHood has an optional base accessory that increases its height from 13.1" to 15.1".

If you're interested in sucking up smoke, smells, and grease from your kitchen range - or perhaps sucking up more of them if your current hood is inadequate - or maybe sucking them up from other parts of your house an open floor plan allows them to waft into - check out the AirHood Kickstarter campaign through June 16, 2022.

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