Al Dente Singing Floating Pasta Timer

Posted: April 22, 2022
Al Dente Singing Floating Pasta Timer

Wheeeen...angel hair bo-ils high / That's when Al Dente cries, "That's Amore!" And when it's tagliatelle you're cooking to the soft bite of perfection, this singing, floating pasta timer will belt out "The Godfather Theme" to let you know that it's done.

Al Dente is a pasta pal and handsome gift for the kitchen that floats in boiling water, and sings out a different operatic masterpiece at 3, 7, 9, and 11-minute intervals to let you know your pasta is al dente ready. Drop Al in along with your noodles, and his integrated temperature sensor will activate the timer and melody generator. In addition to "That's Amore" and "The Godfather Theme," which play at 3 and 9 minutes respectively, Al Dente sings "Trantella Napoletana" at 7 minutes, and "Prisoners' Choir" at 11 minutes.

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