Ammo Can Knife Set

Posted: July 31, 2016
Ammo Can Knife Block
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First the ammo, then the fire. On the range, and now in the kitchen, courtesy of Delta Echo Products' Ammo Can Knife set. Arm yourself with the tools you'll need to cube, trim, slice, and dice your ingredients into shape before they meet the fire of your grill, the fire of your stove, or the fire of your growling belly.

The Delta Echo knife set includes a 10 stainless steel kitchen knives and block with hinged cover inspired by a military ammo box. Boxes arrive green and blank, but welcome any sort of stamping, stenciling, or spray painting the Chef General in you sees fit.

Blades include: 6 x 5" serrated Steak Knives; 1 x 7" Santoku Knife; 1 x 8" Bread Knife; 1 x 8" Carving Knife; and 1 x 8" Chef Knife.

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