Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker

Posted: August 27, 2017
Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker
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Seeing the Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker made me understand how dads feel when they see stuff like KEEN UNEEK sandals. I had to go change my shorts. Do you know what this life-altering machine makes? Not a waffle cone bowl, but a full-on, real-live waffle bowl. More specifically, "a 4-inch waffle that's thick, fluffy, and tender."

A thick, fluffy, and tender waffle bowl! One that I can fill with anything from an egg scramble to an ice cream sundae and devour in a chewy, doughy, hot frenzy! Dude. I gotta go change my shorts again.

The Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker requires no special batters or skills. Use store-bought or homemade mixes and a modicum of hand-eye coordination are you're all set. Tell the fried chicken and bacon syrup to get ready. Their Belgian waffle edi-bowl in on its way.

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