Brainstream BeepEgg Singing Floating Egg Timers

Posted: April 17, 2022
Brainstream BeepEgg Singing Floating Egg Timers
$19.99 - $22.99
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Now here's a standout egg for your Easter basket. Way healthier than the Cadbury versions too. Brainstream's BeepEgg singing floating egg timers are funky and functional kitchen tools designed to ensure you boil your wee chicken fetuses to culinary perfection every time you drop them in a vat of scalding bubbles.

BeepEggs come in a variety of styles, some with funny pirate and gangster mugs, my favorite with an 80s logo that, obviously, indicates what kind of tunes its BeepEgg sings. Each has 3 songs in its repertoire, signaling when your egg is, soft-, medium-, and then hard-boiled. (The BeepEgg's knowledge of egg doneness comes from its ability to constantly measure the outer temperature of the egg, which allows it to gauge the core temperature.) The 80s BeepEgg sings "Take on Me" for soft, "99 Luftballons" for medium, and "Just Can't Get Enough" for hard.

Another fun feature of the BeepEgg is that maker Brainstream is a German company, so all egg packaging is written in German! However, most of the songs the egg timers sing are English language, or otherwise recognizable, hits.

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